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Imagine not having to worry about your website because you know there’s someone looking after it. Hassle-free, time-saving website management services to protect, maintain, and grow your business.

Imagine this

You are walking in to your favorite coffee shop and you notice that things have changed since your last visit. The windows are dirty, the front door is broken and hard to open, the tables are cluttered, the floor is sticky, and you can’t find a barista anywhere. You might think that they are going out of business. At the very least you may want to have coffee somewhere else. The same thing happens when people see your old outdated website.

You have a business to run

But You have a business to run. you can’t sit around updating content and writing blog posts.

Let alone stay up-to-date with the latest technology, set up and monitor a web server, track SEO performance, optimize the website for speed, and implement tight security measures to ensure your data is safe.

Now imagine having a staff member, a single point of contact, who runs your website for you. A digital marketing expert who keeps the website up to date and secure, updates content, fixes things when they break, and makes sure that when a leads comes in, they are directed to the right team member.

Skyro Website Care Plans

This is what you get with a Skyro Website Care Plan. You get a virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who keeps your website better than the competition’s. A go-to person for digital marketing ideas, advice, and expertise. Someone who knows your business and wants to help your company achieve its goals. You can relax knowing it’s all taken care of.

What's included?

A go-to person

You will have a single point of contact for all your website and digital marketing needs. No more getting passed around to junior developers like you will with a big agency.

Website Health

We use our 17 point checklist to monitor the health of your website. This way, we can prevent problems before they happen instead of responding to them once they become a problem.

unlimited* small tasks

Need to change an image or some text? You don’t have to dig around for your password and remember how to change a page, just email us and we will do it for you. 

* See FAQ for limitations

Monthly performance reports

Want to know how your website is doing? We will send you monthly reports with information about visitors, the health of the website, and anything else you could want to know.

Strategy Consulting

Think of us as your strategic partner for all things digital marketing. We will act as your virtual CMO to help you position your business where it needs to be to grow.

Discounted Rates

For the things that aren’t covered under your care plan, you get drastically discounted rates. 

Malware Protection

Having an unprotected website today is a little like walking around a hospital and licking door knobs. You might be fine, but there’s a good chance you’ll get sick. With a care plan, we make sure your website stays safe. And if it does somehow get compromised, we make sure it’s cleaned up and back in action ASAP.

A fast website

We regularly test and optimize your website for performance. 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why we employ a cutting edge CDN, caching, and page optimization techniques to make your site as fast as it can be.

Secured Data

We will make sure your website is fully secured with SSL encryption and top tier security software to keep your data and your customer data safe.

Off-Site Backups

We will regularly back up your website so that if anything goes wrong, your website and data are safe and sound.

Uptime monitoring

If the website goes down, we will instantly get an alert and start working to figure out what happened and get it resolved.

Peace of Mind

We are proud to say that of all the things we offer, our clients have commented most on how much they appreciate knowing that they have a person who understands their website and is making sure everything is on track. How much easier would it be to run your business if you knew you had your own virtual website department that had all of the training and expertise to keep your web presence running smoothly?

"I didn't realize that owning a website meant that you had to keep it updated! Sean made it easy and affordable to transition to a care plan appropriate for my business."
Dr. Rebecca Green
Director, Peninsula Integrated Medicine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay you? Can't I do all this myself?

Sure. If you have the background and want to spend the time, go for it. We’re here for business owners who would rather invest that time in their company instead of spending it keeping up with all the intricacies of website management. 

What if I need more work done than what my plan supports?

Depending on what you want done we will either quote you for a full project or just bill you at the discounted hourly rate you get from your plan. Each plan above lists the discounted hourly rate for additional work.

Can I cancel any time?​

Of course! There are no long-term contracts or commitments in our standard care plans. Let us know 30 days prior to cancellation and we’ll help you transition by providing a full list of all software tools used to build and manage your site so you can take over the licensing agreements.

How do I receive support?​

You’ll have a single point of contact for all things with us. So if you need support (website, billing, anything), you simply email that person. Depending on your care plan, you may also receive phone support from your developer. In that case you can call them anytime.

What about hosting the website?​

Business-level website hosting is included with all of our care plans. We’ve found that things go much better when we work with hosts that we know and trust and when we invest in high quality hosting.

How do I get started?

Just scroll down and click the Contact Us Today button. Or if you’ve already been in touch with us, just us know you’d be interested in a care plan. We’ll setup a meeting or call to discuss what your company needs are and what plan might be best. 

Unlimited changes, really?

Yes, really! You send us an email with clear instructions on the content you want to change on your website and we’ll get it done – usually by the next business day.

Changes include any text or image change that will take us 30 minutes or less. This typically covers things like updating an event page, adding a testimonials section, or creating a simple page.

Do support hours roll over?

Support hours must be used in the same billing month. That way we’re able to set aside the right number of hours each month for each Care Plan client.

I don't need a care plan, I just need this quick thing...

Our policy is to only work with clients who have a care plan with us unless it’s a new website project. It’s important to us to prioritize our existing clients over getting new clients, and we’ve found that this policy is the best way to do that.

Anything we missed?​

Contact us and let us know if there are any questions we didn’t answer. We are also always happy to hop on a call and discuss website care plans and how they can help you free up time and energy to work on your business.

Working with Sean is a pure joy. He possess great intellectual agility, at one moment he’s deep into the pragmatic details and without missing a beat he’s zoomed out to the big picture schema. Sean’s flexibility and intellectual generosity makes for a great collaboration.
Geoff Kaplan
Founder, General Working Group

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