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Right now someone is searching for exactly what you sell, how often do you think they end up on competitor websites before they ever see yours?


Growth Marketing Analysis

We start all projects by creating a Growth Marketing Dossier for your business.

This includes an SEO audit on where your company is now, competitor research on the strategies that your top competition are using to succeed, and digital strategy recommendations for exactly what steps you can take to get the most value for the lowest investment.

The Growth Marketing Dossier will give three tiers of strategy for three different marketing budget ranges: Shoe-String, Targeted, and Viral.

We do extensive research into the words and phrases your ideal customers use on google to see how you and your competitors measure up. We use expert tools and techniques to discover opportunities where you can improve your Google rank.

Content Strategy

Did you know that the spoken content in video (no matter how high quality) can’t be indexed by Google? We have a solution: always include a transcript with any posted video content. That way Google will know what the video is about and be able to direct people to it.

Our content strategy approach involves doing a thorough gap analysis of your site’s existing content. We look for opportunities that can help build your credibility and search ranking by generating new top-tier content. Often can include blog posts, white papers, email marketing funnels, new video content, and even free short online courses. We will build a strategy for you that provides your ideal client so much value, they wouldn’t think of doing business with anyone else.

Data Insights

We come from a data science background, and we put that to good use in monitoring and analyzing your site’s visitor data.

We provide monthly reports that track the impacts of our efforts and how much progress you’ve made towards your goal. We believe in learning from the data, and if our analytics show that something we’re doing isn’t working, we change strategies or deploy new mini-tests to build out something that will work.
Skyro has helped our small non-profit reach a much larger audience with a tighter web presence. Sean invests heavily in background research on the content of the websites he is designing, which allows him to co-create a websites that draws in the organization's target community/demographics. Our web traffic has increased exponentially.
Max Cadji
Director of Restorative Economics
Phat Beets Produce

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Benefits of SEO

Better Rankings

90% of search traffic goes to the first page of Google search results. If you’re not ranking high on the search engines you’re missing out on customers.

We handle everything

We’re not going to build you an SEO strategy and then ask you to do all the work. We fix the SEO issues on the website. We do the link building. We implement everything. 


Your business lives and dies by its ability to bring in new business. Make sure that there is a healthy stream of new customers to keep your company strong for the long haul.

Local reputation

Set up on Google maps, Bing, and Yahoo Local so that your community can find and support your business.


SEO is known to be one of the greatest returns on investment out of any marketing efforts.

Reduce ad spending

With a properly tailored SEO strategy, your existing ad spending becomes more effective because your company is already much more visible. Targeted website content is more engaging for people who click on your ads.

Accessibility Tested

Having your website be accessible to people with disabilities is now an important consideration in the way Google ranks websites. As part of our SEO packages we will make sure that your website works great for everyone.

Beat Competition

60% of web traffic goes to the top three search results. If you’re not ranking high on Google, your competitors are getting all of your traffic. Take it back with expert SEO.

Peace of mind

You can relax and focus on your business knowing that someone has your digital marketing covered.

Robot ready

Google’s bots look at your website differently than visitors. That’s why we optimize it with schema markup so that they understand what your business is all about.
Sean has an uncanny ability to notice business opportunities that may be hiding in plain sight. Combined with his sharp critical eye and strong communication skills, he would be an asset to any business or product.
Nick Merrill, PhD
Founder, Broad Daylight

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Frequently asked questions

Mostly about SEO

Honestly, if you have made it this far down the page without finding an answer to that question then maybe SEO isn’t really what you need.

Send us an email and let’s chat about the problems your company is facing. We’d be happy to make some recommendations: [email protected]

Yes! HTTPS (also called SSL) is a protocol that protects data between a website and its users through the use of encryption. Google will actively penalize sites that do not have SSL and display warnings to visitors saying that the site may be unsafe. HTTPS is very important and a must have for any business website. We provide SSL to all websites under our care.

All SEO packages are custom built to achieve your business goals. So the price can vary greatly.

The best way to start is to schedule a call with us. We usually recommend that potential clients have us do a Growth Marketing Analysis. After that research we will present you with a report that includes a full SEO strategy and three pricing tiers: Shoe-String, Targeted, and Viral.

The Shoe-String approach is capturing the absolute “must haves”. We often recommend this strategy to startups who have not yet been funded.

The Targeted approach selects the areas where the greatest gains can be made with the lowest investment. This often includes things like capturing under utilized and long-tail keywords related to your industry. The idea is to leverage a mid-range budget to get high end results.

The Viral approach is for companies that need to blitz the market and grow quickly. As with all SEO even this approach will take time to see results, but it is the strongest effort possible without wasting money. The Viral approach often has some element of everything: content strategy, email marketing, social media, link building, credibility growth, and much more.

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Yes and no. Poor quality blogging or unfocused irregular blogging can actually hurt your credibility. That’s why we use a strategy first approach. We want all of the content on your site to have a specific purpose and target a particular audience.

To put it simply: no we don’t. 
Modern search engines will penalize your site if it has performance issues, security issues, or any of dozens of other problems. If you’re site isn’t optimized for SEO, then our efforts won’t be effective.

That’s why we only offer SEO services to sites that we built or sites that are on one of our Website Care Plans. But you can certainly sign up for a Care Plan and an SEO package at the same time.

Click on the “Yes, let’s talk” button above or send us an email at [email protected]

Nope, we do not guarantee results. And if you find an SEO agency that does guarantee results, approach them with extra caution.

SEO is a complicated process get your website to rank higher in search engines. Search engines have super complex algorithms which change frequently.

Anyone who claims a guarantee against this algorithm is speaking irresponsibly.

However, we do guarantee that we will expertly position your website to get the best results possible.

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