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It’s a daunting task to sign a web agency for a big project. You don’t always know what you’ll get. That’s why we created this comprehensive guide to the Skyro Formula. The Skyro Formula is our carefully crafted process for a successful web project.

This guide will walk you through each phase of the Skyro Formula and show you exactly how we will walk your organization from idea to successful launch.

phase 0

Data & Audits

Not all projects require a Phase 0 but if you have an old website and are building a new one it is highly recommended. In phase 0 we do a Website Audit on your old site to collect information about the website structure, blog archives, link structure, and your standing with Google for SEO.
In some cases, we will also put specialized software on your old site to see how website visitors are currently using it. The software will even ask site visitors for direct feedback on what is difficult for them on the old site.
We also offer Website Audits as a stand-alone service and will often recommend these before we submit a proposal on a project. That way everyone has a deep understanding of what is already there, what we are building, and how we can build the new while keeping the best parts of the old.
Deliverable: A full website report on your old website with recommendations on what we will need to consider in moving your content to the new site.
phase 1

Strategy & Content

This is the first real phase of the project where we develop the overall strategy for your website. That means establishing goals and priorities, writing outlines of content, and building the Website Blueprint.
But before we can do any of that, we always start this phase (and the project as a whole) with a kickoff call. This is just a quick 30 minute call to congratulate you on getting the project started, review and make sure all your on-boarding materials were completed, and let you know what to expect moving forward.
After the kickoff call, we will continue sending you questionnaires to fill out about your business and goals, and educational resources to make sure you know what’s going on every step of the way.
we will ask you to fill out questionnaires about your business
We will put together a Judgement Packet for you. The Judgement Packet is a short list of other people’s websites. Some will be competition, some will just be similar organizations, and some will be drastically different organizations that have similar website needs. Your job will be to judge.
You will poke around on these websites and decide what you like, what you don’t like, and you will give them a 1-5 star rating. This will help give us a good idea of what sort of designs you like.
Depending on the project, we may go through a similar process as part of an interview or survey with some of your clients or stakeholders.
We will also ask for any branding materials you have (logos, color schemes, preferred fonts, style guide, etc).
While you are filling all this out, we will begin building the Website Blueprint.
You may have heard of a sitemap in the past. A sitemap is a flowchart of the page structure for your future website. It’s used a lot in web design to help us envision the size and shape of the site, and come up with some idea of how people will use it. The Website Blueprint is like a sitemap x10. It’s a big colorful spreadsheet that breaks down what pages the site needs, how they all interlink, what content will be on them, and if they will need redirects for links from the old website.
phase 2

Prototype Site

Next we take all the information from the Strategy Phase and put it into action. We build a functional prototype focusing on just a few pages; typically the homepage, 1 interior page, and a blog or product page. This will not be a perfect polished design but rather will be a stepping stone to show what we’re thinking and prompt some conversation.
Just like how our Website Blueprint is an improved version of a sitemap, our Prototype is an improved version of a website wireframe.

You don't want a wireframe

In traditional web design, they would present you with a non-interactive image that is a rough breakdown of how the website structure will work. This is called a wireframe. But a website is a dynamic representation of your brand, how can it be represented by a single flat image of one screen size?
We don’t think it can.

Our approach

We don’t do wireframes. Instead we take the same idea to the next level and create what we call a Website Prototype.
The Website Prototype is a live version of a wireframe that you can view in your browser. You can even test it on different devices and screen sizes.
Once the Prototype Site is ready we will hop on a video call to walk you through it. We will explain some of the choices we made and why. And we will explain why we think that that particular design will best serve your target audience.

We will then go through one round of revisions. Here’s how that works:

  • We present you with a special link to the prototype site where you can click and leave comments on any part of the design.
  • You mark what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see changed.
  • We update the designs based on your feedback and then present the site to you again.
Not sure what to comment on? Don’t worry, we will send you a short guide on what kind of feedback is useful in this phase and what is not.
During this phase, we will also continue to work with you to finish up the written content that we started working on together in Phase 1, since we’ll need to have it completed for the next phase.
Leave us revisions while enjoying a coffee
Once you’ve approved the Prototype Site and the content is looking good, we move on to build a real website
phase 3


This is where we take the Prototype Site and build it into a full WordPress website adding your branding materials and styles. This is the most exciting phase, where all of our hard work together becomes a real, functional website.
We start by taking all of your branding elements and creating a website style guide that will establish the basic design elements for the site.
Then we build out those few select pages with design elements that match your company branding. We stick to just a few pages in this phase because we want to be sure that the direction we’re going looks perfect before building out the rest.
Once that is all done we hop on a screen share call and walk you through the website.
Again we will present you with a link and one round of revisions to make comment on all the things you would like and all the things you are not so keen on.
phase 4

Build It All

Now we’re really rolling. Congratulations, if you’ve reached the Build Phase. That means we have a fully fleshed out Website Blueprint and strategy, we have a working and approved Website Prototype, and we have a functional WordPress website will all branding elements and styles that you love (albeit with only three pages at the moment).
We’ve come a long way. Now it’s time for us to jam on building out all of the rest of the pages based on your Website Blueprint and add all of your content.
A fully built out website
We won’t need much from you during this phase. It’s just heads down and coding for us. But we will supply you with some educational materials that will be useful once your site is launched.
phase 5

Testing & Launch

Now, it’s time to test and launch your new site! We will put the site through our full functionality, user experience, and accessibility testing procedure. Once everything looks good we connect your domain name to your new site and it’s off to the races.
We thoroughly test your new website
phase 3

On-going Support

We want to be sure that you are happy with your new website and that it is a success. So we provide you with our Standard Website Care Plan for 30 days at no charge.

At the end of 30 days you’ll have to decide if you want to continue with your Care Plan or manage and care for the website yourself. If you do want us to manage it for you, your first bill will be due 30 days after your website launch.

During this phase we will also offer you and your team training on how to use the new website, including short instructional videos.

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